Bihac in short

Bihac is a town located on the river Una, which is also known by the nickname “Queen of the rivers”. It is located in the valley of the mountain Pljesevica and the capital of the Una-Sana Canton. Bihac fort is also known as ”a bastion of the border” and ”key to Bosnia”.

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About the apartment

If you want to have the ultimate comfort and quality accommodation in the center of Bihac and be close to all Bihac attractions and cultural institutions of the city, then the apartment Suite Donna is just for you. It name was given by the famous Bihac artist and pop singer Azra Kolakovic known as Donna Ares. This apartment was originally private property and residence of the singer.

Suite Donna has four large bedrooms with large double beds, armchairs to sleep and huge closets to store clothes, bathroom with shower, bathroom with Jacuzzi, kitchen with large bar, dining room for dinner, a terrace overlooking the city, free private Parking and Internet. Each room is equipped by modern standards, air-conditioned with quality linens and a modern LCD TV.

Apartment Suite Donna is located in the center of Bihac and it is close to all Bihac attractions and cultural institutions. City Gallery of Bihac is located in the same building, just below the apartment. A view from the apartment gives you a peek in the historic center of the city and if you decide to walk to some of them, you will need only one minute. If you look through the window you´ll be able to see: Mosque Fethija, Captain’s tower, Mausoleum and Bihac ramparts.

Historical Sights

Fethija mosque was built originally as a church of St. Anthony of Padua in 1266, in Gothic style. Today Fethija mosque is considered the oldest building in the Gothic style in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Captain’s Tower was used exclusively as a prison until 1959. The building was completely renovated and now has its own content: turned into a museum.

Turbe dates from the time of Ottoman rule. This religious monument today represents priceless Bosniak spiritual culture. It is believed that there are buried two military commanders (Pasha) which draws the attention of every visitor.



Depending on why you decided to visit the beautiful Bihac, Suite Donna provides various interesting cultural and entertainment facilities nearby.



From this apartment for only two minutes walk you can reach the city beach – Beton, Kulturni centar, dzamija_bihac AVNOJ Museum, University library, University Rector’s Office (Faculty of Economics), all great and high-quality restaurants and the stadium of the football club ”Jedinstvo”. Music concerts and many entertainment activities are held at the city stage you are able to see from the apartment.

Suite Donna is 23 km from the National Park “Plitvice Lakes”, protected by UNESCO, 25 km from the National Park “Una”; “Štrbački buk” and 50 km from “Martin Brod”.

If you decide to refresh in the beautiful river Una, drink coffee or dine at its banks, from your apartment to those places you will just need a short walk.